How to Reinstall Mi Wallpaper Carousel

How to Reinstall Mi Wallpaper Carousel on Phone

How to Reinstall Mi Wallpaper Carousel

Mi Wallpaper Carousel is the official app from Xiaomi for setting up a precious carousel of HD photos as your lock screen. This way, you will be able to see a new wallpaper on your screen every day.

If you have removed Mi Wallpaper Carousel from the phone, you cannot install the application from google play store. And if you want to have Mi Wallpaper Carousel on your phone again, you can install it from the APK file.

For this reason, I will share with you the original apk file that I exported from my phone.

How to install  Wallpaper Carousel from APK File?

Click the download button at the end of the article to download the Wallpaper Carousel APK file.  Password: ceofix

When the download finishes, copy the APK file into a folder of your choice on your Android smartphone.

Open the file manager on android phone, find the APK file, On your phone, tap the APK file and If it is the first time you are using the file manager to install an APK file, you’ll need to turn on the “unknown sources” option in the Privacy settings in order to install an app using the APK file. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow the app to do so.

Tap the settings.

How to Reinstall Mi Wallpaper Carousel on Phone

Open “Allow from this source ” And ok tap button.

How to install Mi Wallpaper Carousel from APK File?

Finally, tap it, then hit Install.

install Mi Wallpaper Carousel from APK File

After installing, there will be no icon on launcher, this app gets seamlessly integrated into Lockscreen option in Settings. And make sure you are on default theme to use this feature. After the installation, turn off the “unknown” option that you have given to the file manager.

MD5: 4eec7e4d56b8368a0fff155557e680fe

SHA1: 5f9845bf574a38d459e57564ebfd9ba74e78185c

DRC32: 32cff524

SHA256: 7ba886fd8ff469dcad8f3132f7274591235f3c26c64a2b2e43807bf40b022b8a

SHA384: 1ba9101312ba33c120870cc453d16596fc5ca0ddaacb9c2ac0d9608e80b01d9b47486e5c60c1a89c765a8db4828c795a


▼Download▼ Password:ceofix

That’s all.

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