Change Four-Finger Touchpad Gestures&Tap Gestures in Windows

Windows Precision Touchpad driver support let you customize touchpad gestures on Windows 11.

Change Four-Finger Touchpad Gestures&Tap Gestures in Windows

If your Windows 11 laptop has a built-in precision touchpad, you can change the four-finger swipe gestures and tap gestures. Here is the how do it.

To set up four finger touchpad gestures:

Open Settings (Win+I).

Click on Bluetooth & devices. On the left side, and click on Touchpad on the right side.

Bluetooth & devices.

Scroll down and expand the Four-finger gestures section.
Select what you want to happen when you swipe with four fingers from the dropdown menu.

Switch apps and show desktop

Switch desktops and show desktops
Change audio  and volume

Four-finger gestures section

Also, Scroll down and select an action from the Taps section.

four fingers Taps section

Open search
Notification center
Midle mouse button

That`s all.

Published on: Dec 18, 2022-Last edited: 28-09-2023

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