How to Switch Between Spaces on Smartphone?

Second Space Shortcut Missing? How to create Second Space Shortcut?

How to Switch Between Spaces on Smartphone?

On an earlier article, we saw that we can have a second space (android user account) on the same device. But are there ways to switch between spaces? Of course there is. You can switch between spaces in various ways.

Switch Spaces from Home screen Shortcut

Already configured the second space, a shortcut will be displayed on the phone screen, which is what takes you from one space to another. when you are in the Second Space, tap on the ‘Switch’ icon in the Second Space to go to the First space.

Other way:

If you want to switch to the first space, simply lock the phone and use your default fingerprint/password and the phone will unlock to the first space automatically and instantly, no need to reboot.

Second Space Shortcut Missing in First space:

when you are in the First space, if switch shortcut is not shown in home screen,

Open the Settings and tap on Special features. Tap on Second space, then tap “Go to Second space“.

Go to Second space

Or Create Second Space Shortcut:

while inside the Second Space, open your phone’s settings and locate Second Space same way you did in the first space, you’d see a plethora of options and menu that will help fine tune your Second Space experience. “tap home screen shortcut..” enable home screen shortcut.

Create Second Space Shortcut:

Switch Spaces from the Lock Screen

If you have set password for both the spaces, you can switch from the lock screen.  Just enter the password of the space you wish to enter.

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