How to Set Auto Shut Down for PC

You can set an action for a computer to shut down at a specific time.

How to Set Auto Shutdown for PC

You don’t need a app to shut down your computer at a certain time in Windows. It’s easy to make any desktop or laptop computer shut downat a particular time, either just once or on a regular schedule.

Using the Windows 10 an Windows 11’s built-in Task Scheduler, you can schedule shutdown on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Auto Shutdown you can schedule the task to be executed daily, at an exact time, on a certain date and time or after an amount of time you set manually passes from the moment when the task is set active. Also, apply to Windows 8/8,1 and 7 devices.

How to schedule your computer to Shut down at a certain time using the task scheduler. Here is how to do it.

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Press Win + R to open the run box. Then type taskschd.msc and press enter.


Click “Create Basic Task” from the “Action” menu on the top of your screen.

Create Basic Task

In the Create a Basic Task Wizard that opens, type a name for the task (example “Shutdown”), and click “Next.”

Create a Basic Task Wizard

There are several choices shown. You could run this shutdown process every day, once a week or perhaps once a month. You can also ask the Task Scheduler to wait for a specific event. For our example, we will choose daily. Specify the time at which you want to run the Shutdown and click Next.

auto shutdown daily.

Select when you want the task to activate and click Next. For example, if you want the computer to turn off every night at 08:40 PM, select Daily. If this is just a one-time scheduled thing, select One time. Leave the “Recur every: ” setting to “1” if you want the action to occur every day.

Recur every

In the Action section, select Start a program and click Next.

Type the path to the shutdown.exe app into the “Program/script” box. The location should be C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe unless you’ve changed the letter for your Windows drive.


Arguments are part of the standard settings for the shutdown.exe program. The /s tells Windows to shut down.

Click “Finish.” Your shutdown is now scheduled.

auto shutdown is scheduled on pc

As soon as the shutdown date and time arrives, your Windows PC will initiate a shutdown with the message “You’re about to be signed out. Windows will shut down in less than a minute.”

That’s all.

Published on: Dec 19, 2022-Last edited 19-08-2023

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