Disable Or Remove Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Bothered by Logitech Download Assistant running at startup?

What is Logitech Download Assistant and is it malicious?

Logitech download assistant it is not malicious. It works both on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Logitech Download Assistant is a software program developed by Logitech that automatically detects fresh updates on Windows startup. For example, if you use a keyboard and mouse, you will get updates. Similarly, if you have Logitech hardware, and also have Logitech Set point or Logitech Options or Logitech Unifying Software installed, the DL Assistant comes with it. However, when it automatically runs at the system startup, users get annoyed. Also, users report that it slows down the computer and it is better to install updates manually. So, how can you remove Logitech Download Assistant ?

When you disable the Logitech download assistant, you will not lose any functionality. No Logitech device needs it to operate properly. The software updates notifications will probably stop after you remove the software.

Disable Logitech Download Assistant from Startup

Press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + ESC’ keys on keyboard to open ‘Task Manger’ .

This will launch the Task Manager. Go to the Startup Tab. Find ‘Logitech Download Assistant’ from the options. Right-click it and then select Disable.

This is the most convenient method to prevent the Logitech Download Assistant from launching whenever your PC boot.

Disable Logitech Download Assistant from Startup

Remove LogiLDA.dll file in ‘System32’ folder in computer

you can also delete the LogiLDA.dll file in System32. Because , It does not exist in Programs and Features. It is not a program, but an application extension. This is a permanent way to stop Logitech Download Assistant from running at startup But remember, any automatic feature will stop. You will have to go through a manual process to update any driver for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
It won’t impact your system performance.

Press Windows key + E at the same time to open File Explorer.
Now, simply find out the LogiLDA.dll File from C:\Windows\System32.
Right-click the Logitech dll file and select Delete.
Restart your system.

Remove LogiLDA.dll file in ‘System32’ folder in computer

Once that is done, Logitech Download Assistant will no longer show and run at startup.

How do I reinstall my Logitech mouse driver?

1. Proceed to the Logitech official website.

2. Go to the driver page, and once there, look for the mouse option.

3. Choose the latest driver and download it.

4. Now, unzip the downloaded file and install it.

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