How To Enable Or Disable Pocket Mode On Android

The Pocket mode is a handy feature that you will find in different smartphone models.

How To Enable Or Disable Pocket Mode On Android

The pocket mode can prevent misoperation on the touch screen while the device is in your pocket. This mode uses a mobile proximity sensor to turn off the touch gestures and block the screen, fingerprint scanner, and power button.

How to Enable Pocket Mode

Open the Android settings. Then navigate to “Lock screen“.
Then switch to “Pocket Mode” by setting the slider to “On“.

How to Enable Pocket Mode

This will lock touch control on the phone when the device is in a pocket. The proximity sensor will disable touch gestures and will block the screen along with the fingerprint scanner and power button.

ALERT: Pocket Mode Proximity Sensor: don’t cover earphone area

This is quite often when the device is in his pocket. It can go away by vol up key but it’s frustrating. If it is annoying you, Disable Pocket mode!

Go to “Settings”, then to “Lock screen”.
Scroll down to line “Pocket modeand Turn it off, the message won’t bother you again.

If the message appears when the screen is open , then it means one of the following:

Dirty area around the proximity sensor (clean it and reboot your device).
Firmware failure (reboot your device).
Handling the device firmware (firmware upgrade required).
The proximity sensor is broken.

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