How To Make Your Dim The Computer Screen Light More

Adjusting the brightness of the screen to the current environment has several benefits.

How To Make Your Dim The Computer Screen Light More

For example, When you are working in a dark environment, you may often find that the lowest possible level is still too bright. Dimscreen is a smart little program that dims the brightness of your screen.

Dim Display Brightness Beyond Minimum Level in Windows

DimScreen is an application to easily regulate the brightness of your monitor from your taskbar or through keyboard shortcuts that you can configure

Dimscreen does not actually dim the screen and the backlight does not save energy., it only changes the color of windows. All it does is create a black GUI window the size of your entire desktop. The GUI is set to always on top, disabled, and click-through. Then, it makes that black GUI transparent to the level you choose. This is what creates the “dimming” effect. You’re actually clicking through a transparent window. Also, it doesn’t change or mess with your monitor calibration at all.

How To Make Your Dim The Computer Screen Light More

DimScreen is a portable software . So, you can store DimScreen on a USB flash drive or any other storage device, save it to any computer and directly run its executable file.


– Change the brightness by selecting a `% in the tray menu.

– A value of 0% means a screen brightness level of 100%.

Dim Settings

– Or use the hotkeys Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-.

– For Example  CTRL+ num 1 and num 2 or CTRL+ O and CTRL+C

– Change hotkeys using Settings in the tray menu.

– Only hotkey does not work properly in video windows, you can change screen brightness from system tray

-I tried Dimscreen with Windows 10 version 20H2 and it works.


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