How to Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows

How to Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows

Windows 10, there is a vbs script which helps you change the default value of icon spacing in

The following tutorial will help you to learn how to change the desktop icon spacing, both vertical and horizontal in Windows 10.

Icon horizontal spacing is for how wide (left-right) the desktop icon will be. The wider it is, the more text that will display for the icon’s name without it having to be highlighted.

Icon vertical spacing is for how much vertical (up/down) empty space there is inbetween the icons on your desktop to separate them with.

Steps to Change Desktop Icon Spacing (Horizontal and Vertical) in Windows 10

1. Please download “” (at the end of the page)
2. After unzipping , Right click the Vbs file , then choose Properties from the list.
3. At the bottom of the Properties windows, make sure the box for Unblock is ticked. Then click Apply and OK
4- Clik the icon-spacing.vbe
5- Vertical Icon Spacing : Now set any value between -480 to -2730. Click OK button

Vertical Icon

6- Chooese ok button.

Vertical Icon Spacing
7- Horizontal spacing: You can adjust the horizontal spacing by changing the value of IconSpacing. The range of values is -480 to -2730. Click OK button

horizontal icon spacing-

8- Chooese ok button.

And Finish: Tap Yes button to see changes,  icon spacing will be modified.

  icon spacing

Back to normal icons

Clik the default.vbe

Horizontal spacing

Click Yes button to see changes,  The icon spacing is thus changed.

icon spacing

Your desktop icons should now be back to normal.

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