How to Backup WhatsApp Chat to Google Drive

Whether you’re about to move to a new device or just worried about losing your conversations, there are many reasons why you should Whatsapp chat backup your data.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat to Google Drive

WhatsApp’s backups protect you from losing important chats, media, and stickers. This allows you to save the latest chats to avoid any data loss.

WhatsApp stores backups in Google Drive if you permit it to do so. Depending on the frequency you choose, the app uploads your data to the cloud daily, weekly, monthly, or only when you tap the Back up button. If you accidentally clear your chat history, uninstall the app, or set up a new device, you can restore what you lost. Just follow the below steps for a successful backup.

Backup WhatsApp Chat to google drive

Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. And choose “settings” from the dropdown list.

Backup WhatsApp Chat to google drive

Go to Chats > Chat Backup.

Chat Backup Whatsapp

Tap on “back up” to do a manual backup or “back up to Google Drive” to set your backup frequency. And select the Google account you wish to back up to.
If you haven’t connected your phone to a Google account, it will only create a local backup.

Whatsapp Chat Backup

For google drive: Ensure that the backup frequency is set to anything except “Never”.

Whatsapp Google Drive Backup


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