How to donate with Transfer Wise

Either create a Transferwise account or log in to your existing one – Link
Using Transferwise to donate money from your Bank to us is a simple process.

1. Select the send money button on the top left of the page.

How to donate with Transfer Wise

2. Choose where do you want to send from

Send money with wise

3. Enter the amount you wish to donate

Donate With Transfer Wise

4. Select the Business or Charity button on the bottom right of the screen

Send donation with wise

5. Enter our Account details and iBAN Number

SEPA includes countries in the EU and EEA


BE14 9671 8625 1783

GBP account details :


GB83 TRWI 2314 7064 7580 41

USD account details :

Account number :


Routing number :


Send to donate

6. Choose the reason for this transfer

Send to donate

7. Confirm the amount

Send money with wise

8. Enter Your Password to approve this transfer. Thank you