Make Additions To The Desktop Context New Menu

Add Items to the “Create New” Context Menu

Make Additions To The Desktop Context New Menu

Creating a new file in Windows is easy: Right-clicking on the desktop brings up a list of new file types you can create (under the New menu). But what if the file type you want isn’t included in Windows New context menu? For example, you .cannot create a Vbscript or bat file with the new menu.

In this article we will explain how you can add vbs, bat, reg or ps1 file extensions to the right click new menu. This will save you time when creating these files. Normally these changes are made with the registry, but it is a bit complicated and can cause errors for novice users, so we will use of a portable and free application called “Edit_Context_New_Menu.exe”

How Use Edit Context New Menu.exe App

The software is very easy to use. When you double click and run it, you will see an interface like the one below.

In the popup window, just type any of the options you want in the box and click the Ok button, a window will appear stating that the operation was successful, if you click OK, the file explorer will restart and the settings will be applied.

To add all options, you must enter 5 in the box

To reset the settings to default , you need to use the reset “Desktop New” context menu option, ( number 6.)

That’s all.

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