Enable or Disable The Seconds On The Windows Taskbar Clock

Enable or Disable the seconds on the Windows taskbar clock

Enable or Disable The Seconds On The Windows Taskbar Clock

Windows now shows seconds in the clock, Yes, you can now display seconds in the Taskbar. So, how to display seconds in the Windows system clock?

By default, Windows 11 system clock will display the time in the hour and minutes form, such as 12:30. But Windows 11’s taskbar clock now shows seconds but it’s not on by default. To add seconds as part of the time in the System Tray, use these steps:

How to show seconds on the Windows clock

Open Settings on Windows. Click on Personalization. And Choose Taskbar.

Personalization-Taskbar settings

Scroll down and click on ‘Taskbar behaviors’.

Taskbar behaviors

Check the “Show seconds in system tray clock” option to enable the feature.

Show seconds in system tray clock

That’s all.

To enable seconds on the Windows 11 clock, you’ll first have to ensure you’ve installed the Moment 3 Update on your Windows 11 PC. If you haven’t downloaded update KB5028185, you won’t see this option in the taskbar menu. Please update Windows 11 to the latest version and try again.

windows Update

Also, according to Microsoft, showing seconds in the taskbar could consume more battery on laptops and tablets. So if you want to get the best battery life, you shouldn’t turn it on. The choice is yours.

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