How to Add “ToolBar” To The “Taskbar” on Windows

How to Pin Files, Folders or Drives to Windows Taskbar? Taskbar toolbar missing in Windows 11, how to bring it back?

How to Add "ToolBar" To The "Taskbar" on Windows

The toolbar in Windows is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly access your frequently used apps, files, and folders. In Windows 10, this is a native feature and you can easily create a custom toolbar to access a folder, program, etc. But The Toolbars feature is not available in Windows 11. Don’t worry, Still, it is possible to create.

Add “ToolBar” in Windows 11

( You can watch the how to video which located at the end of the article)

Click on the link to download the ExplorerPatcher executable file at the end of the page. Go to the location of the downloaded executable. Then simply double-click on the ep_setup.exe file. There will not be any prompts seen during the process of the software installation. ( Only Screen goes black. Then the desktop appears.) After the installation completes, everything on the taskbar moves to the left end of the taskbar.


Right-click on your taskbar and check that the taskbar is not locked. Then the menu that opens choose the option “Toolbars”. In the sub-menu that opens, click on the option “New toolbar”.



Move to the Folder you have thought to add to the taskbar, perform a click on it and click Select folder.

Select folder


The folder is added you can see on the taskbar. Now, Right-click on the Taskbar and deselect the options “Show Text” and “Show title.”

Show Text” and “Show title

And the Taskbar and finally click on the “Lock the taskbar” option. Move your mouse pointer to the arrow mark adjacent to the just added folder and click it. A menu stands up having all the files listed which are placed inside the folder.

Add "ToolBar" in Windows 11


See this thread to center the taskbar.

And Finally:

Right click on the taskbar. Select “Properties”. While “Taskbar” is selected from the left menu, we select “Combine taskbar icons on primary taskbar: Always combine”. And the taskbar appears as the usual square icons.

Combine taskbar icons on primary taskbar



How to Remove “ToolBar” To The “Taskbar” on Windows

Follow the steps below to uninstall ExplorerPatcher.

On the Apps & features page, scroll down and locate ExplorerPatcher in the list of installed apps. Click on the three-dot menu at the right end of ExplorerPatcher and choose Uninstall. On the confirmation prompt that pops up, click on Uninstall again.

After the uninstallation, you will see that the taskbar reverts back to the original Windows 11 taskbar without the toolbar.

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