Use a Custom Ringtone on Phone

How to make your favorite song your ringtone on Android?

Use a Custom Ringtone on Phone

Many phone users don’t bother to change the default ringtone on their devices. Though, what if you’re sick of the default sounds, why not add a little personality to your phone with a custom ringtone? Here’s how to personalize your mobile device with a custom ringtone.

How to set a custom (local) ringtone on your Phone

Open the Settings app. Tap Sound & vibration and tap Ringtone.

custom ringtone

Select “choose local ringtone” and tap “File Manager”.

choose local ringtone

Select ” Mp3 file” and ok tap “ok” button. From the list “My ringtones” choose your song by clicking on the green Apply button.

android custom ringtone

Finally, just tap “OK” button. Applies successfully..


That’s all.

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