Disable images in Chrome’s Address Bar Search Results

Enable or Disable Rich Entity Search Suggestions in Google Chrome

Disable Images in Chrome's Address Bar Search Results

When you search for something using Google Chrome’s address bar officially called the “Omnibox” the search suggestions generate image previews. These new images can be a helpful visual aid for searches, though they only show up for certain types of searches, such as celebrity names, and are subject to certain copyright and privacy restrictions.

For example: If you type “ miami“  the address bar, you can see the “ miami` image appearing, the same can be applied to all other famous figures and sports. Rich Search Suggestions feature in the chrome provide additional information to search query which chrome browser shows in the address bar. The additional details include an image of a person, a thumbnail of the site and even more.

Disable Images in Chrome's Address Bar Search Results

In case, you find this rich suggestion feature results annoying and want to disable it, then here’s what you need to.

Chrome Showing Picture related to your query in search results. Here’s how to disable it

Method 1

1- In the Chrome address bar, you need to visit following link:


2- Click the drop-down box next to the flag, and set it to “disabled.”

Disable Images in Chrome's Address Bar Search Results

3- Close and restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.

That’s all. You can see the feature being turned off now.

Method 2

You could switch search engines (to something like DuckDuckGo or Bing), or change browsers completely.

Click the three stacked dots icon, then click on “Settings.”

On the settings page, scroll down to “Search engine,” then click the drop-down box and select something that isn’t Google.

If you don’t see one listed that you want to use, the “Manage search engines” option lets you add or remove search engines—such as DuckDuckGo.

Method 3

Change browsers completely

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