Change Teamviewer Language

Change Teamviewer Language

Your windows language is English but your native language is French and you wonder how can you change The Teamviewer language from english to French.

How to change language in the Team Viewer

1- Open Team viewer and Click Extras.
2- Then click the Options.

Change Teamviewer Language
3- And click the Advanced.
4- Then click the Show advanced options.

Change Teamviewer Language
5- Here you can select your Language using the dropdown list display language
6- Restart Teamviewer.
That’s All…

Published on: May 27, 2019- edited date: 26-09-2020

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  1. Thanks! It’s so dumb that they’ll have something so simple as Language in advanced, especially considering how difficult it could be to navigate in a language you’re not comfortable with.


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