Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

You might want to switch to Messenger’s darkened interface at night to make your messaging sessions easier on the eyes. Facebook says that Dark Mode is designed to provide less harsh brightness in situations where ambient lighting is lower while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. Google also claims that dark mode could help save battery on Android phones since it uses less power to display black. If you’re using an LCD device, Dark Mode doesn’t make any difference in terms of battery life.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

1- Open the Messenger app on your android device.

2- Tap your profile picture in the top-left corner of the screen.

3- Toggle the Dark mode switch to the green ON position

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode is a true black interface, unlike some dark mode designs that are a dark gray. This means it looks pretty nice on the iPhone X/XS’s OLED display. And On OLED devices like iPhone X and newer, Dark Mode may even save power because OLEDs are lit up individually whereas LCDs require a power-hungry backlight to illuminate the pixels.

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Published on: May 11, 2019 -edited date: 11-10-2021

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