How to Create Your Avatar on WhatsApp or Delete Avatar

You can create and send avatars in WhatsApp chats. So How to create WhatsApp Avatar/ How to Make a WhatsApp Avatar Your Profile Photo? How to send WhatsApp Avatar stickers

How to Create Your Avatar on WhatsApp or Delete Avatar

WhatsApp now lets you create your own avatar in the app to represent yourself in a digital form, similar to the avatar feature on Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp users can make personalized avatar stickers that are based on their physical appearance and use them as reactions to chats.

If you don’t know about Avatar, it’s basically Your avatar is a digital version of you that can be created from billions of combinations of diverse hair styles, facial features, and outfits. But to make a WhatsApp avatar, you need to use the latest version or the app’s beta version. Once you set up an avatar, a custom sticker pack with 36 stickers is generated that you can send in conversations. You can also set the avatar as your profile picture instead of your real photo.
While Meta has added Avatars on all three of its social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, your Avatar will be different on all of them. So, you can’t use your Instagram avatar on WhatsApp, WhatsApp avatars on Facebook, and so on.

How to create WhatsApp Avatar

Open WhatsApp app on your iOS or Android phone. And tap on the More Options ( Three dots).

whatsapp settings

Then, tap the “Avatar” option under your name. You will now find a “Create your Avatar” option on the next page.

Tap it, and a page with details about WhatsApp Avatars will then appear on your screen. Here, click the “Get Started” option to begin the Avatar creation process. Choose a skin tone, then tap Next.

WhatsApp Avatars

Use the bar in the middle of the screen to cycle through avatar elements, such as hair style and colour, body shape, clothes, eyes etc. Tap the mirror icon, top right, to open your frontal camera.

Whatsappavatar elements

Once finished, tap Done and then tap Save changes to confirm your selections. Once your avatar is saved, tap Next to continue.

whatsapp avatar

Here, you can set your avatar as your profile picture, browse personalized stickers, edit, or delete your avatar entirely.

Whatsapp avatar picture

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Avatar

Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots at the top-right corner. From the list of options that appears, select Settings.

On the Settings screen, tap on the Avatar. Now you will see your WhatsApp Avatar. You need to tap on the Delete avatar at the bottom. (See the picture above.)

That’s all. After deleting the WhatsApp Avatar, you can create a new one.

How to Make a WhatsApp Avatar Your Profile Photo

After creating your Avatar, go to WhatsApp Settings.
Open your profile photo and tap on edit. Tap Use Avatar. And choose an avatar style and background color. Then tap Done when ready.

How to send WhatsApp Avatar stickers

Open any WhatsApp chat and click on the sticker icon. You will find personalized stickers of your avatar including love, reaction, sad lifestyle and more.

How to send WhatsApp Avatar stickers

Another way to send WhatsApp Avatars is by heading to the “Settings -> Avatars” section. Then, select the “Browse Stickers” option and choose the one you want to send.

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