How To Change Fonts on Android Phone

How To Change Fonts on Android Phone

Every smartphone company has many features and uses different methods to use every feature. It’s also possible to adjust the font and font size so that they align with your personal preference. To change the font in MIUI we must perform the following steps:

How to Set Up Font Style in Phone?

Go to “Settings” and tap display. Then, click Font.

How to Set Up Font Style in Phone?

The new window will display the different font options.

Press the green “Free download” button next to the style you like the most. Tap the “Apply” button.

Set Up Font Style in Phone

To change the default font,

If we want to return to the default font, we will only perform the following steps: Launch the “Themes” app and navigate to “font” icon. The “My font” icon is located in the bottom right part of the interface.

android my fonts

Press “Roboto.”

android poco x3 pro original font

It’s the default font style on Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones.Tap the “Apply” button. After applying it, it will be necessary to restart our Xiaomi mobile. Once done , we will have installed the new font in the entire MIUI interface . The text will revert to the original MIUI style.

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