How to Check Windows Defrag Analysis

Defrag Analysis

Over time, files on your hard drive get fragmented, and your computer slows down because it has to check multiple places on your drive for those pieces.

Fragmentation doesn’t cause your computer to slow down as much as it used to—at least not until it’s very fragmented—but the simple answer is yes, you should still defragment your computer.

Do I Really Need to Defrag My PC

We have coded a simple vbs script here is the simple steps to use it :

1. Please download and unzip the script (at the end of the page).  Right click the Vbs file , then choose Properties from the list.  At the bottom of the Properties windows, make sure the box for Unblock is ticked. Then click Apply and OK.

2. Clik the defrag.vbe, User Account Control (UAC) windows can popup and asks you if you want to allow it , Click Yes to proceed.

3- Chooese ok button.


Waiting for analysis …

CMD to analyze “You do not need to defragment this volume.”

If you receive this message, it means that there is no fragment on the partition. So you do not need to defragment this drive. 

How to Defrag Your Computer

1- Open File Explorer (left-click the File Explorer icon on the Taskbar or left-click on the Start Menu and select File Explorer).

2- In the left-side column left-click on This PC.

3- In the right-side column right-click on the drive you want to check and select Properties.

This PC Properties

4- Left-click on the Tools tab.

5- Under Optimize and defragment drive left-click on Optimize.

 Optimize and defragment

6- Left-click on the drive(s) you want to optimize.

7- Left-click on Analyze (Analyze all) or Optimize (Optimize all)



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