I Don’t Get “Call is Waiting” on Phone Call

No Call notification sound on phone call. How do I get second call notifications sound on my Phone?

I Don’t Get “Call is Waiting” on Phone Call

With the Call Waiting feature, when you’re on call and a second call comes in, you’ll hear a tone to let you know the second incoming call.
If you decide to answer this call, the first call will be put on hold automatically. Everything is very beautiful. But there is something wrong with my phone. The problem is:

There is a problem that when I call someone else and I’m on another call, I don’t get the “call waiting” notification on my phone.

So how do I know when I get a second call? If you have such a problem, you can activate “Play notification sound and vibrate twice”. Here are the steps.

Activate Waiting Call notification sound

First of all, you should open the Settings of your phone. And tap apps. Then tap “System app settings”

Activate Waiting Call notification sound

And tap the “call settings” Touch on “Advanced settings”

Advanced settings

Then Tap on Call waiting notification. We can set the call waiting notification on the phone in three different ways.

Call waiting notification.

My preference is “Play notification sound and vibrate twice” as there is no notification sound.

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