How to Turn Off Metered Connection And Delivery Optimization

It’s an easy process to switch Metered Connection and Delivery Optimization off on a PC running Windows

How to Turn Off Metered Connection And Delivery Optimization

Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) sends Windows updates to other PCs on your network using peer-to-peer connectivity. Delivery Optimization is a feature that allows users to download a Windows update from different devices on the same network. This peer-to-peer assistance sometimes lowers bandwidth issues during updates but could also generate a concern if you have data caps.

Enable or disable metered connection in Windows 11:

Press Win + I to open Settings. Open the Network & Internet tab in the left pane. Click on the network you want to set as a metered connection in the right pane.

Scroll down and toggle the switch for Metered connection to turn it On.

metered connection in Windows

Turn Off Delivery Optimization From the Settings App

Open the Start menu and select Settings. And Open the Windows Update tab in the left pane.

Click Advanced options on the following screen.

Advanced options

Scroll down to the Advanced options section and click the Delivery Optimization option.

Turn Off Delivery Optimization

On the next screen, toggle the slider next to the “Allow Downloads From Other PCs” to the “Off” position.

Delivery Optimization is now disabled.

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