Change the Color of the Gridlines in Excel

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Change the Color of the Gridlines in Excel

In Excel, by default, the gridline is gray. Some user They might want to see some vibrant gridlines whenever they open Excel. Or if you’re bored with the default gray color / you want to use a color that’s easier on your eyes, you can change the color of the gridlines.

Change Gridline Color As You Need

To select a different color for the gridlines on a worksheet in the current workbook, click the “File” tab.

Change Gridline Color As You Need

On the left pane of the window, click on the Options tab.

Excel Options tab

Next, scroll to “Advanced” on the menu to the left side of the screen. Then find “Display Options for this Worksheet.”
The gridline color can be different for each worksheet in the current workbook. The currently selected worksheet is the default choice in the drop-down list to the right of the section title. If you want to change the gridline color for a different worksheet, select that worksheet from the drop-down list.

Gridline color.

Now, under this section (“Display Options for this Worksheet.”), click on the paint icon associated with the option Gridline color. And select a color from the palette that displays. Make sure the “Show gridlines” check box is selected. When you are all done, hit the OK button at the bottom.

That’s it. If you now look at your Excel sheet, you can see that the gridlines are now in the color that you chose.

You most probably would want to revert to the original grid color in a little while.

original grid color

To return to the original, default gray color for the gridlines, go back into the options and on the Excel Options window, click on the Advanced tab once again and get to the Display options for this worksheet section. And select “Automatic” on the “Gridline color” palette.

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