Add Empty Folder Context Menu in Windows 10

Add Empty Folder Context Menu in Windows 10

It is not so hard to delete all files and folders from a specific directory on your hard drive.

The Empty Folder option is used to clear all content from a folder. The “Empty this folder” context menu entry saves your time. It deletes the folder contents with a single click. While you must be signed in as an administrator to add or remove the Empty folder context menu, all users will be able to use it. When you add the option in the Context Menu, it will ask you for your permissions to confirm Yes or No in case you have clicked the option by mistake.

Add Empty Folder Context Menu in Windows 10

The Empty folder context menu will only be able to delete the contents of a folder that the user is allowed to in permissions.

How to Add or Remove Empty Folder context menu in Windows 10?

1- Download the .rar file to your computer. And extract the files.

2- Right click on the add-empty-folder-context-menu.reg file and select Merge. Confirm the User Account Control dialog if prompted.

3- Click Yes to continue.

4- Registration entries are successfully added to Registry. Click OK.

Add Empty Folder Context Menu in Windows 10

Again, later on, if you want to remove the menu, then run the add-empty-folder-context-menu.reg file

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Published on: Mar 5, 2019 – edited date 05-07-2020

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