How to Clear All WhatsApp Chat Or Delete All WhatsApp Chat

In this article, I will show you the difference between Clear All WhatsApp chat and delete All WhatsApp chat.

How to Clear All WhatsApp Chat Or Delete All WhatsApp Chat

The WhatsApp Chat is one of the most popular ways of messaging or chatting that you can find on the internet. But certain reasons such as privacy you might want to clean up the entire WhatsApp message history including the sent and received media. Many people don’t know that WhatsApp allows users to empty whole group chat or personal chat without any need of selecting all messages separately or leaving/exiting the groups.
Luckily, WhatsApp allows you to do it instantly.

The difference between deleting chat and deleting chat in WhatsApp:

1. WhatsApp Clear Chat – It clears all the messages inside the chat leaving only the chat.

When you clear a chat, you remove the contents of your chat from a conversation or group. The chat will, however, remain in your inbox (it will just be blank. )

2. WhatsApp Delete Chat – It deletes the entire chat from the inbox.

But you choose to delete a chat, however, all of the chat’s contents and history will be erased. Deleting a chat will lead to the conversation being removed from your inbox. Therefore, you will need to begin a new conversation with the contact whose chat you have deleted if you would like to get back in touch with him through WhatsApp.

How to Clear All WhatsApp Chat on Android Phone

Open WhatsApp in your Android devices. Tap Three vertical dots (More) at the top right corner. Tap Settings.

Whatsapp Settings

Then tap Chats and tap Chat history.

whatsapp Chat history

You can see the Export chat, Archive all chats, Clear all chats, and Delete all chats options. Choose to Clear all chats. A prompt will appear asking Are you sure you want to clear messages in ALL chats?

Whastapp Clear all chats

Choose whether to Keep starred messages. ( you choose to retain these Starred messages now while clearing the chat, so the important stuff stays.) Tap Clear to confirm your choice.

How to Permanently Delete All WhatsApp Chat Messages on Android

Open the WhatsApp app on your Android. Tap on 3 vertical dots on the top right side. Go to Settings.

Whatsapp Settings

Tap on Chats. Then tap on Chat’s history.

whatsapp Chat history
From the list, tap on Delete all chats. You’ll see a pop-up message: “Are you sure you want to delete All chats and their messages?”

whatsapp delete all chats

Check Delete media from my phone if you wish.
Then touch the Delete option to delete all chats on WhatsApp.

In this way, all of your WhatsApp chats will be deleted.

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