Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows

How to Find Your WiFi Password on a Windows 11 PC

Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows 11

Are you connected to Wi-Fi on one device, but need the password to log in on another one? Because our computers log in to your WiFi network, most of us tend to forget our WiFi passwords. Many users tend to connect their smartphone and laptop to their home WiFi network and then forget the password, which is a problem when you need to connect a new device or share the password with visiting friends and family.

When you connect your Windows 11 PC to a Wi-Fi network, Windows 11 builds and stores a new Wi-Fi network profile for you. If you’ve forgotten a Wi-Fi password to a network you previously logged in to, your computer should still have it saved. This article will teach you how to view the password if you wish to join another device to your Wi-Fi network but can’t remember it.

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password

Open Settings by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard.

Click Network & Internet then select Advanced network settings.

Advanced network settings

In the Related Settings section, click More network adapter options.

network adapter options

Right-click on the Wi-fi icon and select Status.

Wi-fi icon Status

Then select Wireless Properties. In the network properties window.

network properties window

Go to the Security tab and check the box next to “Show characters” to see the Wi-Fi password in the “Network security key” field.

Published on: May 10, 2022-Last edited:04-09-2023

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