How To Call With Emergency Call Button on Phone

In an emergency, your phone can call emergency services, share your location with emergency contacts.

How To Call With Emergency Call Button on Phone

Google has added a new Emergency SOS feature to Android 12. After turning it on, five quick presses of the power button will launch a countdown to call 911, or presumably your local emergency services.

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The Emergency Button is a portable solution with integrated GPS / GSM mobile technology. The feature resembles the iOS feature of the same name that uses a long-press of the power button,

How to use the Emergency SOS on Android Phone?

By default, Emergency SOS require is set up.
Just pressing the Power key five times in quick succession. It will automatically call emergency services with your location information. When you initiate a call to emergency services, you send your current location to 911 center to improve response time.

How to enable-disable Emergency SOS :

Go to settings and scroll down. Tap the Safety&Emergency. Then tap the Emergency SOS. Use Emergency Sos ( open or close).

How to enable-disable Emergency SOS :

How to Change Emergency SOS number :

To change which number is dialed, tap the call for help > enter a new number > Save.

Emergency SOS

Countdown sound for Emergency SOS

While the SOS countdown sound can be useful in alerting you to a false positive, it’s not the greatest if you’re trying to use the feature in a dangerous situation where audio could get you in trouble. If you don’t want your phone to make a noise when it’s about to call emergency services, you can turn off the countdown sound.

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