6 Easy-to-Follow Methods to Cool Off Your Computer

6 Easy-to-Follow Methods to Cool Off Your Computer

When your computer gets overheated, it becomes necessary to cool down your device irrespective of which and what type of computer it is. This is because overheating is bad for all types of computers. Your computer can stop working or may behave erratically when it is overheated. It may not respond the way it should in an ideal scenario.

Also, if this happens regularly, it may lead to complete damage to your computer in the future. Next, there could be several reasons for your computer to get overheated, and that may be due to overuse, blocked vents, and other obstructions.

Below we have penned down the multiple methods that you can use to cool down your computer’s temperature. So, instead of worrying, follow the under-mentioned tips and tricks to keep your computer in the best shape.

#1. Keep the Vents Open and Ventilated

It is advised that you keep the vent of your computer well open, i.e., do not keep them blocked. This makes the computer’s fan work properly and cools the computer itself. This is because with the vent of your computer, open-air circulation is continuous, and your computer gets cooled down.

On the other hand, if the vents are blocked, the air does not travel properly, making the computer overheat. So, ensure that your computer’s vents have free space around them. This includes the kind of surface on which your computer lays down while you work on your laptop.

#2. Free Up Disk Space on Hard Drive

You should keep freeing up the disk space on your computers often. You can remove the redundant files, temporary files, deleted data, and others to free up storage space for more important work. The more space you have on your computer, the better it works. Keep a check on the storage space before downloading files and apps from the web to prevent the system slow down.

Some more quick tips to this problem include transferring data to external storage, sticking to streaming sites for media, and checking for localization data.

On the other hand, if this is not the case, it gets hung sometimes, gets overheated, and leads to other performance issues. So, the less space you use your computer is in a better working condition. This also helps in keeping your computer at normal room temperature and avoids overheating. This is the importance of freeing up the disk space on your computer.

#3. Use a Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

Use a Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

It is advised that you get a cooling pad that will basically work as an external fan for your laptop. Neither using the cooling pad is difficult nor getting it. It is easily available at low cost, online, or in computer shops where other laptop accessories are available.

You can connect the cooling pad directly to your laptop, more often via the USB port. Though using laptop cooling pads for your laptop seems to be a good idea, it should be kept in mind that it can cool down the space or environment outside of your laptop. It scarcely has any effect on the internal heat sources of your laptop.

#4. Keep the Fans and Vents Clean

You should regularly clean your computer’s fans and vents so that dirt doesn’t accumulate on the fans. This is a good and preventive practice because a lot of dust can block the flow of air and lead to overheating of your computer. Also, don’t worry as to how to do so.

Cleaning of fans and vents of your computer is easier than you might be thinking, provided if you have the right tools. You can use cotton swabs to wipe dirt or use a can of compressed air to blow out dust. In this way, you can keep your computer’s fans and vents clean.

#5. Adjust Settings to Prevent Overheating

Adjust Settings to Prevent Overheating

Depending on the type of your computer, you should change or adjust your computer’s settings so that it doesn’t overheat quickly. To do so, you need to research the specific computer model that you have and its apt settings to avoid overheating your computer. Adjusting the settings lessens the amount of load on the computer’s internal components and prevents overheating.

In addition, you should avoid using apps that utilize a lot of CPU; its internal elements are forced to work in overdrive that in turn overheats the computer. Therefore, you should avoid using applications or programs that utilize CPU limits. This is similar to a runner losing steam after racing for long distances.

#6. Shut Down the Computer Regularly

One of the easiest and reliable approaches to cool down your computer is to shut it down properly for a few hours before using it. This owes to the fact that living beings need a good amount of sleep to perform, and so do computers to cool down.


As now you are aware of the various methods to cool down your computer, make sure to keep your computer at its best by employing these tips and tricks. A good working computer keeps you up and running always and increases your productivity.

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