Disable Indexing On Windows And Speed Up Computer

Speed up the computer by turning off the indexing/searching feature of Windows

Disable Indexing On Windows And Speed Up Computer

By default Windows indexes files on your hard drive and stores them in memory to speed up its’ built-in search. It helps to search for files on your system very fast but it has a problem during the search as other processes might experience a bit of slowness when Windows indexes the files or folders. If you turn off the Windows search index feature on your hard drives, you can get better performance on Windows. Because, the search indexer uses CPU and RAM, so with it switched off, you will save those resources.

How to Turn Off Windows Search Indexing

Open the Run window. Press Windows key + R or just type Run in the Search bar.

And type


into Run, and click on OK to open Services.

Look for Windows Search in the list of services. To find it easier, click the Name button twice to organize alphabetically from Z-A. Double click on the Windows Search service to open its properties page.

Find Startup type: and select Disable from the pull-down menu. Now click the Stop button to stop the service. Click Apply and OK buttons to save changes.

How to Turn Off Windows Search Indexing

You can now restart your PC and Windows Search indexing will be disabled entirely.

After your PC restarts, Windows Indexing feature should be completely disabled on your PC. To turn it back on, simply undo the changes you made in this solution.

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