Whatsapp Feature Swipe to Reply

Whatsapp Feature Swipe to Reply

WhatsApp has started Swipe to Reply feature which allows users to quickly reply to a text with a gesture.

The feature will allow users to swipe on a message that one wants to reply to towards the right side

Whatsapp: Swipe to Reply feature

1- Open WhatsApp on any chat.

2- Simply tap on the message you’re looking to reply to directly and slide your finger from left to right.

3- And WhatsApp will automatically load the message in the reply context.

Whatsapp Feature Swipe to Reply

4- From there, the original message you referenced will appear in the lower part of your screen. Then type your reply and hit the send button to send it on.

Whatsapp Feature Swipe to Reply

Notes: Ensure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp available via the Google Play Store.

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Published on: Jan 5, 2019 – edited date: 22-04-2023

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