How To Hide Or Unhide The Taskbar On Windows 11

If you don’t like the Taskbar to appear on your Windows 11 desktop all the time, you can easily set Windows to auto hide the Taskbar.

How To Hide Or Unhide The Taskbar On Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a newly designed taskbar that has the Start Menu and other applications pinned right at the center. The taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen by default. The taskbar doesn’t take much space on the screen. If you prefer a clean look while working full screen you have to get rid of the taskbar simply by enabling the Automatically hide that taskbar option.

How to hide the taskbar in Windows 11?

Click on start button from Windows 11. And click on Settings app.

In the Settings window, click on the ‘Personalization’ option from the left pane and then click select ‘Taskbar ’ on the right side of the screen.

Now, from the list of options, click on the drop-down beside Taskbar behaviors.

Select Automatically hide the taskbar option to enable hide/unhide option.

Automatically Hide the Taskbar

When the “Taskbar Behaviors” menu opens, check the box beside “Automatically Hide the Taskbar.” The taskbar will disappear.


If it doesn’t hide it automatically, use the windows+s key combination.

restart Windows Explorer

If Windows+s key combination doesn’t help, you may need to restart Windows Explorer. Open task manager with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and find windows explorer. Right click on windows explorer and select restart.

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