Easiest Way To Link A Youtube Video To An Instagram Post

Easiest Way To Link A Youtube Video To An Instagram Post

Instagram is a rather powerful platform that marketers across the globe are using to promote their brands. The platform caters to a very large crowd and thus offers every brand a real chance at successfully improving their visibility. One of the common ways of promoting your products and services is to share one post on multiple platforms or even link your YouTube videos to your Instagram posts.

The platform is an excellent element for cross-promotion of all your products and services and plays a crucial role in helping you create brand awareness. YouTube is undoubtedly one of the greatest platforms for content creators and is thus quite an ideal choice for cross-promotion.

There are a myriad of ways by which users can link their YouTube videos to their Instagram posts. While you may not be able to add direct links to your Instagram posts, here are some ways to use cross-promotion in the best way possible.

Understanding YouTube And Instagram 

YouTube and Instagram are both exceptional platforms that you can use for sharing your content to create brand awareness. It is absolutely easy to link a post from youtube to instagram. Nonetheless, users must update both these apps before they can start linking their YouTube videos on Instagram. Navigating on the Instagram app is much more seamless compared to the web version.Once you have both the apps updated, you can effortlessly add the link of one of your YouTube videos to your Instagram posts to boost your video views.
Grabbing the attention of your Instagram audience and encouraging them to view your YouTube videos is not as difficult as it may seem. It can moreover boost media presence drastically. Users must consider publishing teasers and linking their YouTube videos on Instagram regularly to boost viewers.

In addition to this, YouTube’s success majorly depends on consistency. Making consistent content and promoting it on Instagram can thus be of great help in impacting your brand’s performance. You must also ensure investing in quality editing tools like InVideo to create content that lures your target audience into hearing you out.

YouTube Linking on Instagram- What is It?

Similar to most social media platforms, adding direct links to your YouTube video on Instagram is pretty much impossible. Even if you try adding the link, it will appear in text form. In simple terms, this won’t allow you to click on the link to view the site. Many Instagram users avoid doing the troublesome and tedious task of copying the YouTube link into their browser. However, you are welcome to add the link in an Instagram post in the captions. Make sure to give instructions on how to get to the video if you choose to do the same.  You can always use instagram and follow hashtags to increase your audience.
A great way to make it convenient for your viewers to copy your link is to make it shorter. Many free websites allow you to make shorter YouTube links so that you can put them on your Instagram posts.

Adding Your YouTube Video Link to Instagram Bio

When mentioning YouTube video links on Instagram, you might have thought about adding them to your bio. As annoying as this feature may be, it has helped several users boost their Instagram views. If you avoid overdoing adding links to your bio, you might as well pull off boosting views without really putting in much effort. This way you can increase your instagram followers easily.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add a YouTube video link to your IG Bio.

1. Select the Profile Icon after opening Instagram

The profile icon is situated at the bottom left corner of your phone screen. Tap on it.

2. Select ‘edit profile’

Once you tap on the profile icon, select edit profile. A window will pop up.

3. Select the bio line

Now tap on the bio line and further paste the YouTube link. It is important to note that the bio line only allows you to enter about 100 characters. Thus, you will only be able to post a single link in the bio.

4. Select ‘confirm’

Now click on the confirm option to add your link to your bio. You will also see a website space on your respective profile. Select it to write down your website link if you have one.

YouTube Linking on IG Stories

Along with adding YouTube video links to your bio, you can also add your YouTube links to Instagram stories. This is quite an attention-grabbing place to post your YouTube links as most users view Instagram stories regularly. While these stories may last only for 24 hours, they can create a huge impact on your audience. Thus, it is always an add-on when it comes to promoting your videos. If you forget your password,then you can always change your instagram password.
YouTube videos stay permanently on your channel until you delete them yourself. Nonetheless, stories are generally beneficial for showcasing flash sales; promo deals, and so on.Thus, every user must ensure adding YouTube links to their stories right after uploading the respective video. This can play a vital role in generating leads and driving your Instagram followers to your YouTube channel.

Experts suggest that you add several stories before adding the story link as stories last up to 15 seconds only. Thus, the reaction time is much less, thereby minimizing user interaction. Adding arrows, stickers, or multiple stories are thus a few ways to emphasize more on the story link. That being said, story links are quite challenging to obtain as your page needs at least 10,000 followers for achieving the feature. Another common way to get this feature is to get your verified account, which can usually be hard and time-consuming.

Bottom Line

These are a few of the most prominent ways to add YouTube links to your Instagram posts. You can use these techniques to promote brand awareness and drive your respective Instagram traffic to your YouTube channel. You should also consider investing your time in the direct promotion. This involves sending DMs of your YouTube links to your followers. While this may be time-consuming, it will unquestionably impact your YouTube views in the long run.

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