Change Touch Keyboard Themes On Windows 11?

How To Change Touch Keyboard Themes On Windows 11?

Change Touch Keyboard Themes On Windows 11?

Windows 11 allows users to change the touch keyboard theme. There are 16 themes available on the Windows 11 touch keyboard, including Default, Light, Dark, Black-white, Color Pop, Ice Blue, Pink-blue, Platinum, Indigo Breeze, Green-purple, etc.
You can create as many custom themes for touch keyboard and apply them. Not just a fixed color theme, but here you can create, save, and apply a custom theme as well.

Customize Touch keyboard on Windows 11

Open Setting app and then go to the Personalization section. If you have this new feature then you will see a new option here: “touch keyboard”.

touch keyboard

You can choose any of the available themes here.

keyboard theme

In the custom section, you can choose different colors for different parts of the keyboard.

For instance, you can click on Red for the background and White for the keys. Experiment and see what works best for you. After you have selected a combination of your choice, tap on Save.

custom theme

You can also change the size of the keys or enable background for them.

custom background

After that, you can check how the new theme looks using either the touch keyboard icon in your taskbar or the “Show Keyboard” button in Personalization > Touch Keyboard.

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