How To Turn On Game Turbo On Xiaomi MIUI Phones?

Are you know that in Xiaomi MIUI have features called Game Turbo? What is Game Turbo? How to enable Game Turbo?

How To Turn On Game Turbo On Xiaomi MIUI Phones?

Game Turbo is specially designed for games. Game Turbo Mode, initially it was only present on smartphones with Snapdragon 888 e 870, while with the latest update it has also been extended to those with Snapdragon 865.

If your smartphone uses one of these chipsets, then you can take advantage of this feature to optimize performance in your gaming sessions.

But, first of all, it is necessary that you update the Security app to the latest version released, with which support is extended to models with Snapdragon 865.

How to open game turbo?

There are two ways to enter Game Turbo. One is to access this feature through Special Features in the Settings,
Go to Settings –> find “Special Features
On Special features menu, first you see it “Game Turbo” tap it.

How to open game turbo?

and the other ​is to enter it through the Security app.

Security app. Game Turbo

Sure the user can add it to the homescreen if he or she plays games frequently. Just turn on the home screen shortcut switch.

home screen shortcut Game Turbo

As soon as the game is started, a pop-up can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen showing that the game is running turbo. ” Game Turbo Boosted succesfully

Game Turbo Bossted succesfully

Also the In-game shortcuts is enabled by default, and the user can open the Game turbo box by swiping from the upper-left when in game.

Game turbo shortcut bar

In-Game Shortcuts:

Shows some info like CPU And GPU Usage with Battery Percentage Info on the midddle of the top screen. Users can clear cache, take screenshots, and start screen recording from the floating shortcut bar.

Game turbo floating shortcut bar

Users can also toggle on/off Wi-Fi and switch sim cards for data connectivity within the game. Apart from these, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Browser, and Chrome can be opened in a floating window within the game.

Home page orientation:

Game booster has 2 home page orienataion which is Vertical And Horizontal.

Home page orientation

Performance mode:

This option optimize system performance for gaming like it reduces Wifi network delay, increase touch response and sensitivity, Enhance audio and Reduce ambient noise in conservation while gaming.

Turbo game Performance mode

Performance Optimisation

In Performance Mode, the settings allow the user to optimise system performance for gaming and reduce overheating and other hardware-related issues.

Memory exceptions:

Memory exceptions is during playing game, Game turbo would clean app that on background so you have more RAM to make games playing smoothly, but you can except some apps to not get clean.

Enhanced experience

Enchanced experience, you can Disable or enable many function during you playing game likes:
Turn off auto brightness, Reading Mode, Restrict screenshoot gestures and Don’t open Notification Shade bar when playing games.

Turbo game Enhanced experience

Additional settings

In This option you can manually set Touch Response, Sensitivity to repeated taps and reduce or increase touch sensitivity near the edges of the screen for the selected apps so that your gaming experience remains best.

turbo game Additional settings

And the “Improved graphics”Consists of a series of graphic presets for adjust the visual contrast and give the game a different look than the default.

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