How To Wake Up Phone & Turn On-Off Screen By Double Tapping?

How To Double Tap to Sleep Android 11 Phone

How To Wake Up Phone & Turn-off Screen By Double Tapping?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn off and turn on your phone’s display without having to press the power button?

The feature allows you to put your device to sleep or turn off the screen with a swift double tap of any blank space on the Home screen. It saves you from pressing the power button or sleep wake button on the side. Here is how to do it!

Double Tap To Wake Or Turn Off Screen

Open the settings. Then tap “Lock screen“. Turn on the “Double tap to wake or turn off screen” switch.

Double tap to wake or turn off screen

Then tap on “Home Screen” setting in settings. Turn on the “Double tap to lock screen” switch.

Double tap to wake or turn off screen

Now, when you double-tap an empty area of ​​the screen, the screen will turn on. After the screen is turned on, you know that the lock screen is activated, ​if you are using a fingerprint, have your fingerprint read.

Important: If you are using the default theme or classic theme, you can turn the screen on or off with a double tap. This feature may not work when you use a different theme.

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