Take A Screenshot In Android 11 With Three Fingers

Do you know that you can also take a screenshot by sliding three fingers of your hand on the screen?

Take A Screenshot In Android 11 With Three Fingers

You may want to take a screenshot from the screen of our phone. Because we definitely need this on more than one occasion. Therefore, it is important to know how to take a screenshot. Slide the screen with the three central fingers from top to bottom, and you will see that the screen capture is made. But First of all, you have to make your Phone Settings.

How to take a screenshot in Android 11 With three fingers?

Open the settings. Then touch Additional Settings.

Take A Screenshot In Android 11 With Three Fingers

Touch Button Shortcuts, then touch Take a screenshot.

Take A Screenshot In Android 11

Now you will get 7 options to take a screenshot, Choose Slide 3 Fingers Down. Now place three of your fingers on your display. The captured image is automatically saved in the gallery of your mobile.

take a screenshot Slide 3 Fingers Down

Once you’ve done that, your screenshot will appear on your screen.

In this menu, there are different options you can use to take screenshots. However, in my opinion, the easiest is to take a screenshot with 3 fingers.

Other Options:

Long Press the Home button

Long Press the Menu button

Long Press the Back button




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