Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

Teams, replaced Skype in windows 11. In this article, you will learn how to uninstall Microsoft Teams on a Windows 11 device.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

TEAMS is an app that came with of the newly presented Windows 11 features. Some of its built-in apps can sometimes become annoying. If this TEAMS app bothers you, you can remove Microsoft TEAMS from your system.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

( You can watch the how to video which located at the end of the article)

To uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11. Right-click on the Start button and select Apps and Features listed at the top of the menu or click on Start Menu and select Settings and click Apps and then click Apps and Features.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

Under Apps & features, search for “Teams.” Highlight Microsoft Teams and select Uninstall. This will open a pop-up window, select uninstall again to confirm the action.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

The next time you sign in to your PC, Teams won’t automatically reinstall itself. It’ll stay deleted from your system until you download and install it on purpose.

If you need to re-download Microsoft Teams at a later time, you can download directly for your desktop with ease here.

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