How To Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser

Here’s how to enable and use Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge.

How To Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser

Vertical Tabs feature might be very useful for people who work on lots of tabs simultaneously as the Vertical Tabs feature can show multiple tabs with proper titles even if the user has opened many tabs.

2 methods to disable or enable Microsoft Edge Vertical tabs

There are times that, without you noticing, you end up opening a large number of tabs. Microsoft Edge offers built-in vertical tab navigation allowing for a more streamlined experience to make tab management and organization easier. The Vertical Tab feature places your pinned in the perfect location and makes it very easy to select open tabs, create new tabs, allows you to easily see the titles and access controls like mute and close. Also, it easy to reorder your tabs, with the ability to drag and drop to rearrange. Here’s how it is done.

Methods you can use to start the Vertical tabs:

Open the Microsoft Edge browser. And right click the title bar of Microsoft Edge. Click on Turn on vertical tabs or Turn off vertical tabs.

Methods you can use to start the Vertical tabs:

Once enabled, you will see a small “Vertical Tabs” button at the top-left corner. This small black tab icon allows you to switch from the vertical tab UI to the standard UI.

Vertical Tabs

Once you’ve enabled the vertical tabs, the tabs you have open should now be visible on the browser’s left side. It will only display the site icons. Hovering over the vertical tabs bar will automatically expand it so you can see the full site name and info like shown above. To close a specific tab, click on the X, and to open a new tab, click on the new tab option. You can also try the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T as well.

Alternative Method

Open the Microsoft Edge, click the settings.


Click Appearance in the left sidebar. Turn on the “Show vertical tabs button” option. ( Later, if you don’t want to use this feature, you can turn off the button.

Show vertical tabs button

To switch back to the horizontal tab bar at any point in time, click the “Turn off vertical tabs” button at the top left corner of the tab sidebar.

Turn off vertical tabs


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