How to Make Icons Smaller Or Bigger In Windows

This article covers steps to change icon size (smaller or bigger ) on Windows 10 for desktop icons.

How to Make Icons Smaller Or Bigger In Windows

It’s easy to customize it to fit your exact needs, especially when using Windows 10. By default, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 display desktop icons in a preset medium size. But you can want the desktop icons in Windows 10/11 bigger or you wish they were smaller. Whether your icons are too big and they’re taking up too much space, or they’re too small and hard to read, adjusting their size is simple. Here’s how to do it.

Change The Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 10/11

-Resize Desktop Icons using Context Menu

Right-click an empty space on your Windows 10 /11 desktop and point to View.

small icons

From the View options, select Large icons, Medium icons (default) or Small icons.

-Resize Desktop Icons Using Scroll Wheel

On the desktop, press and hold Ctrl while you scroll the wheel to make icons larger or smaller.

Note: Changing the size of the icons on the desktop doesn’t affect the size of the icons elsewhere in Windows 10.

-Change Icon Size in Windows 10 /11 to Custom Size

In case you are not happy with the available large, medium and small icon sizes, you can follow the steps below to change icon size in windows 10 to other sizes.

Right-click on any empty space on the desktop.

Display Settings

Select Display settings from the contextual menu.

Under Scale and layout, click the drop-down menu to change the size of text, apps, and other items. Then choose a percentage .

Scale and layout

-Change the Size of Folder Icons in File Explorer

If you’d like larger or smaller icons or thumbnails in particular folders, you can change those on the fly in File Explorer.

Right-click the Windows 10 Start menu and click File Explorer.

Folder Icons in File Explorer

In File Explorer window, click on the View tab and select your desired size for Folders in the File Explorer window.

You can change icon sizes by selecting the View tab and then choosing from the various sizes in the Layout field or press the Ctrl Button and use the scroll wheel of the mouse to switch.

Although File Explorer will remember your last setting when you open this folder again, this is a folder-specific setting, so you’ll have to adjust each folder you’d want different icon and text sizes for.

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