How to Change The Font Size in Chrome?

You can increase the font size in Google Chrome so that they can be read comfortably. Here’s how.

How to Change The Font Size in Chrome?

While websites are displayed on Google Chrome in a preset standard size, you can change that size. And with most websites you should be able to magnify everything that is on the screen with the keyboard. Use Ctrl and ‘+’ and Use Ctrl and ‘-‘ or if you have a mouse with a wheel, hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and then scroll the wheel up to zoom in (scroll down to zoom out).

How to Change Chrome’s Default Font Size

if you simply wish to increase the size of the text, it could be done through Google Chrome’s Settings as follows:

Open the Chrome browser.

Click the Customize and control Google Chrome Chrome menu icon icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

Select Settings from the menu.

Chrome Settings

In Settings, click the “Appearance” option in the sidebar or scroll down until you see the “Appearance” section of the Settings page. Next, locate the option called “Font Size.”

In the Settings window, under the Appearance section, click the drop-down menu in the Font size entry.

Font Size is set as Medium by default, but you can change it to Very Small, Small, Large, or Very Large. Whichever option you choose will be saved automatically as your new font size setting. The change will apply to all future websites you visit.

How to Change The Font Size in Chrome?

Using precise font size in Google Chrome

You can use Chrome’s multiple font size options feature to improve your browsing experience. In the Appearance tab, click on Customize fonts under Font size. From here, you can change the font size with precision.

How to Change The Font Size in Chrome?

You can always revisit Settings if you change your mind about which font size is ideal for you.

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