How To Change Ccleaner Language

How To Change Ccleaner Language

CCleaner is a registry cleaning and software uninstallation service from Piriform and CCleaner is definitely a must-have software on your computer. It is well reputed among utility programs for its reliability and ease of use. You can do a lot of things with this application. For example, the CCleaner is a useful software to help you clean unnecessary data on the system such as junk files, temporary files, old registry values, browsing history, thereby improving the performance of your computer. However, it can also be used to fully uninstall other software you may have installed on your computer. It can even be used to clear useless browsing data and remove traces of your internet activity when accessing a public device. With useful features and user-friendly interface, CCleaner is increasingly used by many individuals and organizations.

If You are using the language CCleaner is running in, so it is difficult to experience all the interesting features that this software brings. Want to switch to your native language for more convenient use, but don’t know what to do? Here is how to do it!

How to change CCleaner language?

If you have just started installing CCleaner, you can switch the language as shown below.

At the opened interface, click the down arrow (see screenshot below). Select the language you want from the dropdown.

How to change CCleaner language?

How to switch language ​​after installing the CCleaner?

First, open as usual, the “CCleaner”. Then click on the left side on the “settings”tab.

In the Settings window, select the language from the Language drop-down box.

How to switch language ​​after installing the CCleaner?

In addition to the item “language” you will find a drop-down menu. Now select the language in of the CCleaner you want to use. The new language is showing directly.

That’s all.

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