Run a New Task in Task Manager on Windows 10

Run a New Task in Task Manager on Windows 10

The Windows Task Manager is a powerful tool packed with useful information, from your system’s overall resource usage to detailed statistics about each process and it’s always just a couple clicks away. Task manager is always an alternative to Run dialog box (Win+R ) to run a new file, folder, or program. Suppose, when you are unable to execute a program using the Run command, you can easily open it from the Task Manager.

Firstly, in order to run apps from the task manager, you need to know what the app’s exe is called. Especially the name of the file explorer application. Because, after selecting the Exit Explorer command, the shell (Start menu, Taskbar and the Desktop) will the closed and the other applications continue to run. Therefore, you need to manually start a new Explorer.exe process by launching Task Manager. In this article, we will show you a step-by-step how to create a new task in Task Manager on Windows 10 computers.

How To Run Apps From The Task Manager On Windows 10

1- Use the Ctrl + Shift + ESC keyboard shortcut to open the Task Manager experience.

2- On the menu bar, click File option at the extreme top left.

Run New Task

3- Select Run new task from the available options. A small window called Create new task will open. Type “explorer” (without the quotes) in the Open edit box and click OK. Your taskbar and notification area should reappear and The Taskbar, desktop, and other components of Windows are restored.

or Type “chrome” (without the quotes) in the Open edit box and click OK. Chrome will open immediately.


1- If you prefer to launch any file, hit Browse button on the Create new task pop up and navigate to the location where your required file is stored.

browsing the required files.

2- Remember to select All Files type while browsing the required files.

3- Choose the preferred file and hit Open.

That’s All

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