Change mouse settings With Command Prompt

Mice are one of the main ways we interact with our computers.

Change mouse settings With Command Prompt

You can make a number of customizations to the mouse sensitivity when you learn how to access the Mouse Properties window, such as the pointer, double-click or wheel speeds. it’s worth mentioning that Windows 10’s mouse settings are still split across Control Panel and the Settings app. The Settings app’s Mouse page is currently extremely basic and you’d think you were where you need to be, but not so; on the right-hand side of the page, left-click Additional Mouse Options.

Additional Mouse Options

Mouse Properties dialog box will open.

Mouse Properties Window

Now you can adjust your mouse according to your comfort and make it work just the way you want it. You can customise common mouse functions here but there is no way to change mouse settings in batch.

How to Batch change mouse settings in Windows

Mouse settings changer is a Portable freeware Application to help you change mouse settings without open Mouse Properties dialog box , it has no GUI.

1- Download “Mouse Settings Changer v1.0” from developer webpage (at the end of the page) and unzip it.

Download and run the MouseSC_Info.bat file to see the whole Cmd parameters support list.

Mouse settings changer cmd parameters

For example , “MouseSC_x64.exe /PrimaryButton:Left” command will change your Primary Mouse button to left or “MouseSC_x64.exe /Speed:10” command will set the Mouse pointer speed.

Mouse Pointer speed

You will find some example batch scripts in the downloaded file , MouseSC_Example.bat and MouseSC_Example2.bat , you can edit them according to your needs.

NOTE: If Mouse Properties window is open, Changing mouse settings may not reflect in the “Mouse properties window” therefore Please close the “Mouse properties” screen before using the program.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows Xp (32 \ 64-bit)

Download Mouse Settings Changer

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