Enable Secure DNS (DOH) on Chrome Android

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) makes it so that malicious third-parties cannot see what you’re visiting or redirect you to phishng sites.

Enable Secure DNS (DOH) on Chrome Android

DoH uses the HTTPS protocols to protect your data from man-in-the-middle attacks. It encrypts the data from ‘DNS lookup’ to ensure you private and safer browsing experience.Unlike VPNs, Private DNS is mostly free and doesn’t have speed limitations. You can enable Secure DNS on your Android Google Chrome browser with above version 85. ( You can watch the how to video which located at the end of the article)

How to enable Secure DNS (DNS over https) on Chrome Android

1. Launch Chrome web browser in your Android device.

2. Select the three-dot icon and choose “Settings”

3. On the settings screen, tap on Privacy.

enable Secure DNS (DNS over https) on Chrome Android

4. Tap on Use secure DNS under the Privacy section.

5. Under Secure DNS, You can choose your favorite provider.

How to enable Secure DNS (DNS over https) on Chrome Android


In addition, for situations where users don’t want to change their Android device’s system-wide DNS server to one that supports DoH, Google also lets users customize Chrome’s DoH server just for their browser alone.
Chrome users can do this by using the “Choose another provider“. Some individuals and organizations rely on DNS to block malware, enable parental controls, or filter your browser’s access to websites. When enabled, DoH bypasses your local DNS resolver and defeats these special policies. Sometimes the secure DNS may be slower in response In that case, you can follow the same steps above and disable secure DNS.

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