Sort Processes Alphabetically in Windows 10 Task Manager

Sort Processes Alphabetically in Windows 10 Task Manager

The Task Manager is a useful tool for monitoring system activity, terminating misbehaving processes, and performing some rudimentary performance analysis. When you first open Task Manager, the Applications tab is the default tab displayed. This tab shows a list of the currently active applications. The Processes tab is really the heart of Task Manager, lists all the apps, background processes, and Windows processes running at any given time, providing useful data about each of them. By default, the Task Manager’s Processes list is sorted logically by process type. But, You can use the standard alphabetical system to view them. If you want all the active apps and processes to be displayed in an alphabetical list on task manager follow the steps below.

1- Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the Context menu. (alternatively Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

alphabetical list on task manager

2- Then click View and deselect “Group by type”.

3- To get back to the new sorting method, choose it again.

task manager group by type

That s All.

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