Portable Freeware URL Blocking Software

Portable Freeware URL Blocking Software

URL blocking refers process of allowing or denying the access to a certain websites or certain URL addresses for the web users either temporarily or permanently.There are several reasons why you might want to block certain websites on your computer. Some websites could be spreading viruses, contain explicit content or even be trying to steal your personal data. Many schools choose to filter Internet content, by blocking certain websites and shielding students from harmful content.

Portable Freeware URL Blocking Software

Using Plugins to blocking URLs for every Browser is a bad idea because starting the browser in safe mode disables plugins or someone can easily uninstall this plugin. Using paid software is unnecessary because there are free ones.

Denny access to a webpage easily (Without Plugin)

URL disabler is a Portable freeware which is not use traditional “hosts file” method therefore resetting the Hosts file does not affect the blocking Rules. The Utility is designed to simplify the process of URL blocking in Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium Edge.

URL Disabler Features :

1- Block a single URL or whole domain name

2- You can select the browser which blocking rules will be effective

3- Whitelist URL feature

4- Prevent downloads from browsers

5- Export and Import feature

6- Password to protection for Blocking rules

How to use URL Disabler:

1- Download “URL Disabler v1.0” from developer webpage (at the end of the page) and unzip it.

2- Then double click the “URL Disabler v1.0_x64.exe” or “URL Disabler v1.0.exe” file (depends on your system architektur)

3- Then Type the URL of the web page you want to block into the URL field (1) and use plus button (Add to list)(2)

How to use URL Disabler

4- Finally use green tick (Aply changes) button (3) for the settings to take effect. You can disable Blocking or switch to the white list Mode with the eye icon in the bottom right corner.

URL Disabler

5- Whitelist URLs to set exceptions for websites you would like to allow. It is important to note that the application works with three main browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox and EDGE Chromium. From the Options menu, you can block the URLs completely as well as any downloads.

Url Disabler Password options

6- The export and import options are under the file menu, URL Disabler also has a few pre-defined options to get you started, and they cover Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

URL disabler import export feature

Home Page: URL Disabler download Link

Supported languages: English, Turkish , German , French , Italian , Spanish , Russian , Hungarian , Hebrew

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome , Firefox, Chromium EDGE

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