Quickly Reset Networks Settings in Windows 10

Quickly Reset Networks Settings in Windows 10

Network Reset is a feature in Windows 10. That can be used to easily reset network settings to fix network connection issues in windows 10.  If you need to delete all of the network information on your Windows device, thanks to Network Reset feature, that’s faster to do than ever before. This article will teach you how to reset Network Settings In Windows 10.

How to Reset Quickly Networks Settings in Windows 10

1- Open the Settings app (Windows Key + I is a shortcut).

2- Click on the Network & Internet.

windows 10 Network & Internet

3- On the “Network & Internet” page, select the “Status” tab on the left and then, on the right, scroll down. Click the Network Reset link.

Network Reset windows 10

4- Review the Network Reset information message. When you’re prepared to network your reset settings, select Reset now.

Network Reset information

5- Select Yes in the network reset confirmation window. This will initiate the reset process and restart your computer.

windows 10 - network reset confirmation window


1- When the reset is complete, your computer will restart. When the computer restarts, you’ll notice that your network connection isn’t active. Just select the network icon, pick the network you want to reconnect to, and choose Connect.

2- This method Not only does it restore settings to default, but it also reinstalls the network adapter.

3- If you use a proxy or a VPN, you must reconfigure them also.

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