Windows 10 Show Badges on Taskbar Grayed out

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Show Or Hide Show Badges On Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10

If you have pinned modern metro or UWP apps on Taskbar buttons, the icon of running apps will show the small badges. For example, if you are running Mail app and have some unread emails, Mail app’s Taskbar button will show the badge on it containing number of unread emails or the Alarms & Clock app show its status.

But, The option to show or hide badges in the taskbar buttons is greyed out, what should I do?

If Show Badges on the taskbar is greyed out in the taskbar settings on your Windows 10 system, follow the steps below:

Right-click on Taskbar and select Settings option. It’ll open Taskbar settings page. ( or click on Start menu from your desktop, and open the Settings app. Or press Win + I keys together to do that. And click on the personalization category, and go to taskbar section.

Show Or Hide Show Badges On Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10

2- On the right, turn off the option Use small taskbar buttons.

That’s all

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