Disable Context Menu on Taskbar and Customization Options

Disable Context Menu on Taskbar and Customization Options

To see the taskbar context menu , just Right Click on the taskbar. right-clicking on the Taskbar in Windows 10 shows different options like show search box, Cortana icon only, access Taskbar customization options, show touch keyboard button, etc. but to avoid some unwanted changes by someone else you may want to disable Taskbar Context Menu In Windows 10 . You can Disable Taskbar Context Menu by Local Group Policy Editor and Registry in addition we coded a simple Vbscript to simplify the whole Process.

1- Open Windows 10 Registry and then find the Explorer key


2- create a DWORD (32-bit) Value under Explorer key and its name should be “NoTrayContextMenu“.

Disable Context Menu on Taskbar and Customization Options

3- Double-tap on NoTrayContextMenu and a small window will open. Here, set ‘1’ in the Value data box and save it. Now you should restart File Explorer thats all. To access Taskbar context menu again, you can add ‘0’ in Value data of NoTrayContextMenu or delte the key.

But to disable context menu doesn’t provide enough protection , therefore we should Disable Access To Taskbar Customization Options In Windows 10.

The script not only prohibits right-clicking on the Taskbar, but also locks the settings in the Settings – Personalization – Taskbar section.

A script to disable Taskbar Customization options and right click

1- We have coded a script to make your job easier, just download the No_RightClick.zip file at the end of the page (password:ceofix) and Unzip it.

2- Then simply double-click on the No_RightClick.vbe file Confirm the User Account Control dialog if prompted.

3- It will show a pop-up window with the text “Taskbar Context Menu has been set to default” just Click ok button.

disable Taskbar Customization options and right click


First click will disable Taskbar Context Menu

Second click will allow Taskbar Context Menu again

Ok. Thats all.


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