How to Fix Battery Icon is Missing in Windows 10

How to fix Battery Icon is missing in Windows 10

Laptop users have the advantage of taking their computer anywhere. However, this doesn’t last forever, depending on the battery of your device. The battery icon in the Taskbar notification area helps you quickly check the battery charge level and also to switch between the battery saver and “best performance” settings. If the Battery Icon is missing from taskbar, you won’t be able to see how much battery is left on your Laptop. If you can’t see a battery icon on Windows 10’s taskbar, it may be hidden or disabled.

Is your battery icon missing on windows 10? Don’t worry! Here’s how to restore it:

How can I restore the missing battery icon in Windows 10?

1- First Of All, Check Your the panel of hidden icons:

Click the up arrow to the left of your notification icons on the taskbar. If you find it tucked away among your hidden icons, simply drag it to the right side of the taskbar to reveal it. You can also do the same thing for any other icons that you need revealed. If you do not see the battery icon there, read on.

Display Hidden Battery Icons

2- Power down your computer

power down your computer then turn it on again. Wait for it to power up completely, then look for the battery icon again. If doing this brings the icon back then your problem is solved.

3- Display Hidden Battery Icons

– Right-click on an empty space in your taskbar, then select Taskbar settings. This is going to open up the appropriate Settings app page. – In the Taskbar settings, you should find the Notification area and then choose “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” .

Display Hidden Battery Icons

– Scroll down the list until you find the battery icon, which is called “Power.” Select its toggle switch to set it to On.

How can I restore the missing battery icon in Windows 10?

** If you still don’t see the battery icon, go back to the Taskbar settings and click “Turn system icons on or offunder Notification area.

Locate the Power toggle, and make sure that it’s turned to the “On” setting. This will ensure that the battery icon is visible in your system tray.

How can I restore the missing battery icon in Windows 10?

4- Disable and Re-enable Battery Hardware

– Press “Windows + X” keys simultaneously and then choose Device Manager from the shortcut menu.

– locate the Batteries category, and expand it by clicking on the arrow icon. You should be able to see two items:
Microsoft AC Adapter
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.

– Examine each driver. Right-click them and choose Disable Device one by one.

How can I restore the missing battery icon in Windows 10?

– Now enable the driver again.

Disable and Re-enable Battery Hardware

When disabling them, a window may pop up warning that disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Just click Yes button to continue.

– Do this to the rest of the drivers under the battery’ option. Do not forget to enable the drivers you have just disabled.

– Restart your computer and the battery icon should appear.

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